Tavom is specialized in the production of technical furnishings for professional settings.
Our major target markets are: dental, medical, hospital as well as dental labs, beauty centers, clinics and foot care studios.

The Tavom brand is characterized by the utmost competence in the design process, in the development and implementation of the product and in our ability to perform all the required customized products.

  • Attention focused on the customer
  • Fully promptness in the interior design stages
  • Ability to assure the best combination of combinable modularity, technical functionality and aesthetic refinement
  • Total customer service and support.


In over than 40 years of business activity all these values have contributed to make the TAVOM brand synonymous of quality, reliability and security.

In 2015, the Tavom brand became part of the Company Tecnolam Srl Unipersonale and can now count on high technology for the realization of their products based on a higher production capacity.