Furniture for dental studios and labs


Tavom designs e manufactures modular furnishing lines for dental studios, dental technician studios and labs. Modern design and customizable solutions that meet requests of sosphisticated work environments.


We realize modular constellations upon specific client’s requirement, aiming to furnish an appropriate work area to satisfy customers in carrying out their proper activieties.

Target markets of paramount importance to us are: hospitals , medical practices , dentists, clinics , beauty and foot care centers , vet ambulatories and labs.

Outstanding design and inventive shapes – coherent with selected materials – make us offer customizable and requested furniture lines that meet client’s needs in terms of order, convenience, hygiene, easy cleanup and security.

Tavom - arredamento medicale Alnair

ALNAIR is a series with distinguishing features of outstanding design, where elegance masters sovereignty.Available versions are push & pull (without handels) or with elegant handles.The drawer slide rails are equipped with a state-of-the-art stop technology, while hinges guarantee  a smooth and soft door closing.

Tavom - arredamento medicale Skyline

SKYLINE is a strong line for those who want to stand out. It is indeed a line comprising sophisticated modules studied to furnish innovative ambiences.Available versions are push & pull (without handels) or with elegant handles.SKYLINE can be based onto structure, onto plinth or can be wall-mounted.

Tavom - arredi per studi medici Quasar

QUASAR stands for modern desgin and modular solutions aiming to furnish working environments.Indeed this series comprises modules that open new horizons and opportunities of furnishing, state-of-the-art solutions that perfectly comply with existing spaces.QUASAR can be based onto structure or onto a plinth.  Due to a quick wall fixation, the suspending version grants ideal hygienic floor standards.

Tavom - arredi per studi medici Caryn

CARYN – the ultimate line in TAVOM – it converges essential quality, challenging aesthetics and otimised functionality spiced-up by a maximum level of ergonomics – to offer highly customised client solutions.CARYN is based onto structure and onto a plinth.Due to a quick wall fixation, the suspending version grants ideal hygienic floor standards. The broad variety of available modules satisfies the most sophisticated customer expectations.

Tavom - arredi per studi medici Kamal

KAMAL is a furniture line completely made of stainles steel and dedicated to sterilisation ambiences.All components of KAMAL are of stainless steel, including drawers‘ slide rails and handles.The product spectrum of KAMAL proves to be remarkably  multifold and highly modular. Destinguishing elements are above all its worktop of stainless steel with seamlessly welded integrated basin and an optional drop-stopping board, modules with sliding tables to store autoclaves and sterilisers as well as wall-mounted cabinets for trays.

Tavom - arredi per laboratori odontotecnici Evolab

EVOLAB is designed and dedicated to furnish dental labs and is characterised by its broad modularity of applicable elements.This line satisfies all related requirements of dental labs’ activities such as modeling, prosthesis, ceramics, refining, plastering and fusing.The compositions may be configured “as a whole” or suspended to grant ideal hygienic floor conditions.Most distinguishing features are: front closing carter, podiums, outer cap, profiled tops and fronts to refine the esthetic part of the EVOLAB.

Enjoy - modular wall-mounted cabinet for disposables for clinics and dental studios
Tavom - Enjoy pensile componibile per prodotti monouso

ENJOY is the new modular wall-mounted unit for disposables.ENJOY enables you to arrange the internal composition of the cupboard according to your needs and requirements.

Phantasy - Simulation workbench for dental and dental technician colleges
Tavom - Phantasy banco per centri di formazione odontoiatrica e odontotecnica

PHANTASY is the dental simulation workbench designed for the setting up of universities, schools and training centers