Tavom - arredi per laboratori odontotecnici Evolab

EVOLAB is designed and dedicated to furnish dental labs and is characterised by its broad modularity of applicable elements.

This line satisfies all related requirements of dental labs’ activities such as modeling, prosthesis, ceramics, refining, plastering and fusing.

The compositions may be configured “as a whole” or suspended to grant ideal hygienic floor conditions.

Most distinguishing features are: front closing carter, podiums, outer cap, profiled tops and fronts to refine the esthetic part of the EVOLAB.

There are three distinct equipment levels of work benches in terms of accessories: basic, medium and a full-option solution.

Work benches are prepared to be equipped with exhaustion systems. Above all, the new TAVOM exhaustion system integrated inside the modules operates extremly effective and at a low noise level.

The applied lightning systems of all work benches include daylight issuing lamps and shelves for storing goods. A LED with adjustable joint and dimmer may contribute an added value.

Areas for gypsum and fusion treatments can be eqipped with specially designed solutions and with exhaustion hoods of stainless steel, offereing enhanced exhaustion performance, filtering and lighting.

Worktops are in classic white laminate or natural beechwood, while areas for gypsum and fusion treatments are preferentially in stainless steel.

One of many distinguishing features of EVOLAB is the borad range of accessories, for both workbenches and treatment areas of gypsum/fusion: gas taps, suction motor performance level regulator, air syringe with pipe, pressure reducing valve, box for a micro motor and drawer trays.

All TAVOM products are made of electro-galvanised steel and a powder coating paint finish. You can customize each product by choosing between the available handles and tops.