At disposal there is a broad range of handles and worktops to choose from, in such a way your dental and/or lab premises are personalized in style, refinings, materials and colors.

Indeed, Tavom has always been distinguished due to its high-level capability of customization of its proper furniture, an authentic unique selling proposition of Tavom.

This is demonstrated by these services and features:

  • 2D and 3D designing of the work premises to be furnished
  • Customization, based on clients‘ characteristics and specifications
  • Broad choice of handles in different shapes and finishings (chromed, anodized, satined)
  • Selection of worktops – realizable in different technical, synthetical and natural materials: laminate, Corian®, glass (broad color range available), HPL (High Pressure Laminate), stainless steel and natural beech (for labs)

Quality details about applied materials

The layered high pressure laminate (HPL) is highly restistent to scratches, percussions, abrasion, chemical substances and heat. It is a proper solution to enounter resistance demanding applications. Alternatively to stainless steel, HPL is the first choice for sterilization ambiences.
It is hygienic, easy to clean and it doesn’t require any particular maintenance thanks to its even surface preventing impurities from sticking to the worktop.
Heat-resistant and light-neutral, HPL is not effected by discoloring.
It is a proven material to create work ambiences of both technical and aesthetic appearance.

Corian has always been appreciated thanks to its tecnical characteristics. It is elegant, hygienic, supremely resistant and keeps its elegancy for a time.

Main benefits of a worktop of glass are easy cleaning, purity and its modern impact on the entire furnishing. The possibility to choose from a variety of trendy colors renders glass to be adaptable to miscellaneous fashion requirements in professional premises.

Stainless steel is worldwide one of the most applied materials in professional ambiences and stands for functionality, utility and resistance, thus facilitating a harmonical combination of furnishings and other materials such as glass and timber.

Natural beech with its esthetic and elegant effects awards thereby to worktops a refining and precious aspect.


Work plans in HPL

Glass work plans